PD-Click Belt


P-D Click has been uniquely designed to improve the lifestyle and comfortability of all Peritoneal Dialysis patients that receive treatment.


The design of the belt and positioning of the ‘CLICK’ is designed to support the full weight of the catheter to reduce any tugging from the open wound to a bare minimum. The design helps to improve a patient’s quality of life by providing a full range of movement with an elasticated waist belt. The belt and the ‘CLICK’ is adjustable to suit a patient’s requirements, whether they are standing or lying down, receiving treatment during the day or overnight, wearing layers of clothes or are even showering and need to clean the open wound; the belt and the ‘CLICK’ are adjustable to suit any type of position or activity. The belt is made from materials that is washable and can be boiled for sterilisation without effecting the quality of the product.


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